5 Reasons Our Meetings Aren’t Always in the Conference Room

5 Reasons Our Meetings Aren’t Always in the Conference Room

by Brandon Vallorani

The boardroom. It’s a hallowed hall where careers are born and billion-dollar ideas are hatched. Companies are merged and acquired across the tables of these frequented rooms.

Of course, careers and dreams can end there, too. Those fateful words, “You’re fired!” were spoken in the boardroom on Donald Trump’s show, “The Apprentice,” enough times to make an iconic impression.

As important as the boardroom is to your business, many leaders are discovering the benefits of taking their meetings elsewhere. As executive and entrepreneur, here are five reasons why I’ve chosen to vacate the boardroom in my business:

Spark creativity: When your company uses the same room for every meeting, team members stare at the same four walls, gaze out the same windows, and likely sit in the same chair week after week. For years, the surroundings never change. Same equals stale. If your business is looking for a hot new product or a mind-altering marketing idea, try changing the environment. Taking your meeting outdoors, or even renting a boardroom in a new environment can ignite the spark of creativity you need to excel.

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Brandon Vallorani is a practiced entrepreneur and accomplished CEO. He founded an Inc. 5000 media conglomerate, which has been recognized by the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing privately owned businesses every year since 2012. Vallorani has now has shifted his focus to Vallorani Estates, a luxury brand of fresh-roasted coffee, wine, cigars and olive oil.